Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jesus Wind is released!! Press Release!!

Our new album "Jesus Wind" is released!!
The concept album about Japanese Christian history, now available on major online music stores such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Thanks to your support, our IndieGoGo campaign was successfully funded and we made the CDs. They are available on BandCamp!!

Here is our press release on Jesus Wind album!!!

Thank you very much!!!

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Tak Nakamine
Date: November 16, 2017

Title: Japanese Christian Metal Band IMARI TONES releases new album “Jesus Wind”, a concept album about Japanese history

Yokohama, Japan - November 16, 2017 - Japanese Christian heavy metal band Imari Tones releases new album titled “Jesus Wind” to discover the unknown spiritual history of Japan

Japanese Christian rock band (virtually the only active Christian metal band in the Buddhist nation) Imari Tones has released their new album titled “Jesus Wind” on November 9th 2017. According to the band, “Jesus Wind” is a concept album about Japanese history from a Christian point of view. Imari Tones was formed as a band in 2004 and became a Christian rock band with current lineup (Tak, Hassy, Jake) in 2008. The band has toured both in Japan and USA, while recording many albums independently.

After releasing the former studio album “Revive the World” in 2015, Tak (guitars/vocals) was interested in Japanese history and came up with an idea for the album. He says, “We wondered if it’s possible to make a concept album. A concept album to focus on Japanese history from a Christian point of view. So many Japanese people think Christianity is Western/European religion. But we don’t necessarily think that way. In fact, essence of Christianity was carried to Japan in many ways. For example, if you read the book “Bushido” by Inazo Nitobe, you can see Bushido (Samurai's code) has so much in common with Christianity. Also it is widely known that Japanese Buddhism in medieval age was influenced by Christianity. “ After intense rehearsals and 5 months of recording work, Jesus Wind was finally finished.

The album consists of 3 parts: Past, Present and Future. This is because the band decided to write not only about the past, but also about the future, in order to convey the message of hope. The Present part gives the listener a feeling of tension and reality, through the songs about the ongoing events like Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant incident in 2011 and political turmoil in the current world. The future part has almost prophecy-like overtone, with spiritual utopian songs like “Revolution” and “New Jerusalem”.

Although playing in “Christian Metal” genre, Imari Tones is also known for its diverse music styles, often progressive with a similarity to Rush and Yes. But they focused more on straightforward heavy metal style on this album. As a result “Jesus Wind” is the heaviest and most intense heavy metal album Imari Tones has made so far. “Repent”, the lead single and the first music video from the album, is nothing short of a loud & clear statement as a Christian metal band from the East. It is not a coincidence that Tak quotes the Bible verse from Isaiah 42 in the song “Revolution”; Sing to the Lord a new song, and His praise from the ends of the earth, You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, You coastlands and you inhabitants of them!

The album is available on iTunes and BandCamp, as well as on digital streaming outlets such as Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music. Physical CDs are available on BandCamp, where you can buy directly from the band. 

Track List:

1. Jee-You
2. Dying Prophet
3. God’s People
4. Saints Seeking Salvation
5. Bushido

6. The War
7. The Peace
8. Remembrance
9. The Wave
10. When The Nation Falls

11. This is How Freedom Dies
12. Repent
13. Don’t Stop Walking
14. Revolution
15. New Jerusalem

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Releasing "Jesus Wind" Now on BandCamp

Releasing new album "Jesus Wind"!!
Now it's on BandCamp!!

We will ship it internationally, just like we always did.
For the CDs, other than BandCamp we will set up CDbaby soon. (It will take some time though)

For digital stores and streaming services (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc), it will be available sometime next week. (Possibly this weekend, for some stores)

Meanwhile this is a THANKS message video from us.
We have already shipped the CDs to our backers on IndieGoGo.
Thank you very much. Without your help we could not have made this album with a proper package.

This could the most important album we have ever made.
So be sure to check out!!

あるばむ"Jesus Wind"のリリース作業をしています。



すごいカタカナ発音で間違えまくって英語をしゃべってます。本当にごめんなさい() でも、こんなにちゃんとしたCDが作れたので、皆さんには本当に感謝しています。IndieGoGobackしてくれた人々には既にCDもデジタルも発送を完了していますが、反響のメッセージとかコメントとか来ると本当に嬉しい。こういう気持ちの通じ合う感じが、インディで音楽やってる醍醐味かなと思います。いまだささやかな弱小バンドではありますが、喜びつつ歩みます。
感謝 in Christ. In Jesus name.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The CDs have arrived!!

Hello, this is Tak from Imari Tones.

Finally, the "Jesus Wind" CDs have arrived!!
They look great and sound great.
Everything is good.

It feels great to see this concept album in the complete form, with the nice package and artwork.

We say thank you very much.
With all your help, we could get this done and we are very happy.

Yesterday after the band rehearsal, we autographed those CDs.
For those people helped us on IndieGoGo, now we are going to ship them to you.
At the same time we will set up the digital downloads, too.

Again thank you very much.
We will try our best to present this album to the world, such as advertising, sending to media and stuff.

We appreciate if you help us spread the word.
Most of all, we hope you will like the album and the music.

Thank you and God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Album Update: Ordered!!

Hi, this is Tak from Imari Tones.
Here is CD making update!!

Yesterday we finally have ordered the CD manufacturing to a credible factory in Japan.
It took us so long to design the 12-page-booklet with photos, lyrics and stories. (Phew, that was a tough work.) But we are very grateful because we are now able to make the CDs with the fancy booklet because of your help!!

I think it has turn out very well (at least at the point of seeing the sample PDF sent from the factory) and can't wait for the release.

If everything goes right, the CDs will arrive at our office on/around November 2nd. We will autograph them at our weekend rehearsal and I think we will be able to ship them in the 2nd week of November. (and it will take some more to arrive for international shippings.....)

We will set up the digital downloads around the same time.
Just like we said before, for the people who helped us on IndieGoGo, we will include the bonus download package, that is "Tak's teenage band song" and 2 unreleased songs from our past recordings.

Because "Jesus Wind" is a very important album for us, it took so long to release after the completion of recording (that was actually last year). We feel really blessed to be able to release it finally.

It's our pleasure to share the excitement with you all.
Hope you feel the "Jesus Wind", too;)

Thank you very much!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We made it! "Jesus Wind" campaign now 100% Thank you for your support!

Yes we have made it!
Now our "Jesus Wind" campaign has reached 100% goal!!

We would not have come this far without your support. Each of you.
So let me say thank YOU very much one more time.

Each of your support, very encouraging, thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in Christian rock. Thank you for believing in the power of music. Thank you for helping us spread God's Love in Japan and beyond. We will keep on rocking for Jesus.

Now I believe we can release "Jesus Wind" in a good manner. I mean, the CDs with lyrics and stories and all. When we recorded this album, we didn't know how to make a proper package to tell the story behind this concept album. Now we can do it with all your support. How great is that!
Can't wait to release the album and share all the music with you. It means so much to us.

This campaign ends on October 1st 11:59pm PDT.
We will start working on the release, manufacturing CDs, preparing downloads and other perks. 
We will post updates on IndieGoGo page and let you know about the progress. So stay tuned until we send out all the CDs and downloads.

Again thank you very much. This has been a very precious and encouraging experience for us.
God is great!
You people are awesome!

God bless you ALL!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

日本の歴史をテーマにしたコンセプトアルバム"Jesus Wind"のクラウドファンディングキャンペーン、おかげさまで100%を達成することが出来ました!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

90% and 1week left!!

We are gearing up for the October 7th concert at Shinjuku and here is a photo from the studio rehearsal today.
October 7th Saturday, at Shinjuku MegaRock. Please come and see us!

Our "Jesus Wind" crowdfunding is now funded 90%.
I have not expected we would come this far.
We are very thankful and we don't know what to say.
1 week left and if you see it reach 100%, now is the time to help us!

Visit here and help us please:)

Also here is the detail of the concert on October 7th.

新宿 MegaRock
Calling Records Presents
Open 17:30 Start 18:00予定
Fee: 2000yen +1drink
出演(予定): 三木ヒロキ、B.D.BadgeSoul of FaithXieImari Tones

クリスチャンロックレーベルCalling Records3年目となる主催イベントです。
Imari Tonesは現在取り組んでいる"Overture"プロジェクトからの選曲を中心に、いつものヘヴィメタル色を抑えて、さわやかな日本語のオルタナティヴロックを演奏する予定です。
Imari Tonesの出番は3バンド目の予定です。

Thank you very much and God bless you all!!
Tak / Imari Tones

Monday, September 18, 2017

Now 74% Thank you for your support!!

Thank you for your support for our "Jesus Wind" campaign so far.
Again, thinking about all the things happening in the world right now, we are very thankful and very much humbled. Feeling blessed and let me say THANK YOU VERY MUCH once again!

For "something extra" included in the package, we have decided to include this [Tak's teenage song from 1990's] (see our previous post on September 6) and [1 or possibly 2 unreleased songs from our past catalog]. This will be included in the digital download of "Jesus Wind" album.
They will only be available if you buy "Jesus Wind" album on this IndieGoGo campaign.

"Jesus Wind" is super powerful Christian heavy metal album. But if you look at the picture from Mid-90's and are curious how the music sounded like, visit our campaign page and help us a bit.

Campaign is open until October 1st. (ends on Oct 1, 11:59pm PDT)

Thank you very much!
God bless you all!!

Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)