Monday, February 9, 2009

Signed to Empty Vessel Music!

IMARi ToNES is happy to annouce that now we are signed to Empty Vessel Music.
Empty Vessel Music is a independent label based in Atlanta GA.
They are guys trying to make a difference through music and education.
イマリ・トーンズは、Empty Vessel Musicと契約しました。
Empty Vessel Musicは、ジョージア州アトランタにあるインディーズレーベルです。

As a matter of course, it looks like our latest work "Welcome To The School" will be released by this label. We will let you know when it happens.
そういうわけで、どうやら私たちの最新の作品"Welcome To The School"は、このレーベルから出ることになりそうです。そのときにはまたお知らせします。

The reason we decided to sign to this label is because we want to do something new.

In these 10 years music industry changed drastically and we have to find some new meaning in playing rock music.
Also we have to find some new relationship between artists, record labels and audience.
We think Empty Vessel Music is one of those possibilities.
こ の10年で音楽産業は大きく変わりました。私たちは、ロックを演奏する新しい理由を見つけなければいけません。そしてアーティストとレーベルとオーディエ ンスの新しい関係を見つけなければいけません。Empty Vessel Musicはそのひとつの可能性であると思います。

Since the first day we started playing music, it has been more than just songs, more than just fame and money.
It was a way of life, the way we live.
And it has taught us many things.
As we believe in the power of music, we feel it's very natural to sign with this label and work with these people.

Please visit their website and check what they are doing.

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