Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Kodomo Metal" on iTunes!

Yes IMARi ToNES has its unknown history of recording many songs independently.
Even before the band member-lineup was completed.

So here we present "Kodomo Metal", which means, "Metal for kids"!

Recorded almost 10years ago, but every musician and music reviewer gets surprised with its totally unique metal/grunge/whatever sound with crazy ideas.

Songs you got to try: Sou, Kosei, Minorities, I'm fish.
Song we still/currently play live: Big World

Yes now we call ourselves a christian band, but this "Kodomo Metal" is purely a explosion of crazy creativity.
I'm afraid all the lyrics are in japanese but hope you enjoy!

Check "Kodomo Metal" on iTunes here.

That's all for today!
Thank you and we love you, God bless,
May the Lord be with you and may the good sound be with you!!

Tak / IMARi ToNES (Japan)

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