Monday, August 31, 2009

Street Team Recruiting

Hi this is Tak from IMARI TONES.

We are now preparing for new recording.
(See this blog I just posted.)


This email is for those who registered as "Street Team" at our Reverbnation mailing list.

Though Reverbnation has "Street Team" system, we have not been using it so much until now.

But now we think it's time to start something.
Because in this situation of today's music business, putting effort in internet marketing is very important.
As you see we are just a small band from Japan. So self advertising effort is inevitable at this phase of career and we know it works. I myself have put a lot of time to do this "Internet Advertising" like MySpace, Purevolume and imeem. So we want you to help us with some of these.

We want to make this street team mission more like a personal relationship between you and us. It's not like the band and its street team, but we ARE a team working together.
So we want you to work with us together on the internet and real world.

For those who help us, as a compensation, we want to share our music together, for totally free.
When we make music, when some songs are done, sometimes we share the song files just mixed with our close friends. And say "Hey, we just mixed these songs. What do you think?"
While we want some opinion and feedback from them, it's also our joy to share those music with our friends.

So, we want you guys to be our friends.

The tasks we are thinking are;
*Creating IMARi ToNES street team MySpace and imeem
*Recruiting new fans on Facebook
*Recruiting new fans on Purevolume
and so on.

Please reply this email or send email to if you are willing to work with us. And let's talk about what we can do.
It's not a hard job. Just give us a little bit of your time. And if each of you help us a little bit, it will be a big power just like "Genki Dama" (Do you like Dragon Ball?).

Hope we will hear from you and we are looking forward to working with you.

Tak "Tone" Nakamine / IMARi ToNES (Japan)

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