Friday, December 25, 2009

Thank you for Sakuragicho Concert

Happy holidays!

IMARi ToNES is currently in recording session for our new record temporary called "God Rocks".

Also planning a short trip to East Coast USA in February, including attending Millennium Music Conference in Harrsburg PA and several other shows.
Details to be annouced soon.

And today I also report and say thank you about Sakuragicho Gospel Concert on December 12th. It was hosted by the church we go to, Victory International Church Yokohama, and we played with many other Japanese Gospel musicians.
It was a big fun and it was a big blessing.

Thank you for these Christian musicians who joined us on that day.

Saluki (サルーキー)

Misa Kamiyama (神山みさ)


Enka Friends(演歌フレンズ)

Yutaka Hagiwara(萩原ゆたか)

and Victory International Church Yoohama

Here is the picture from the concert. It was a free concert in the train station, Sakugaricho, Yokohama.

And here is a part of our performance there.

Merry Christmas!
Have a nice holiday!

Tak "Tone" Nakamine

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Imari Tones "Must Be...."

The reason why we release songs here, please read this.

This is the 2nd "Love Letter".

This is a gentle song.

伊万里音色(Imari Tones)が、バンドとして旬だった時代がありまして、
There was a time when Imari Tones was at its best.
That was 2004-2005 era, when Tone, Haratti, and Minetti were together in the band.
I call it "The golden triangle era".

Off course, now Imari Tones is coming to its second golden time with Hassy&Jake.

However, it was the time the band started to take its form, and it was the time when Imari Tones sounded like a Japanese band most.

今でも演奏している「Winning Song」のオリジナルバージョン(ギターソロがもっと簡単なバージョンだった)が生まれたのもこの時期です。
There are many songs which represent this era.
"Kyu-Jo-Reppoo" which has Japanese emotinal melody, "The Imaginary Number Boy 2" which has a sharp edge, and also the original version of "Winning Song" (more simple guitar solo) was born in this era.

It was a kind of mixture state of punk, rock and pop, rather than metal or hardrock. In a simple word, it was a "Japanese Pop Band".

この「Must Be....」という曲は、
This song "Must Be...." was actually written in 1998.
It was not a ballad in exact meaning, but it has a beautiful melody.
I was having a hard time of my life when I wrote this song. And my mind was in a darkness.

In that dark time, I tried to thank God and be grateful to life. That's what this song is all about.

One of the key points of this song is a strings sound.

When playing live, we play it without a keyboard, or sometimes my little sister joined as a keyboard player. Or sometimes with a sequencer.

I personally like the melody of the strings in the verse part, with the pizzicato sound.

Strings sound in the interlude is also beautiful. I personally like that part but actually most of them are buried in the mix.(omg)

この時期に書いた曲の中では、これも代表曲のひとつである、"Good Bye, My Sunshine Town"と同じくらい、きれいなギターソロというか間奏部分なんではないかと思います。
It is as good as "Good Bye, My Sunshine Town", which was written in the same era and also has a beautiful guitar solo part. Guitar solo itself is very simple, but this is my "sound of life" there.

Bad thing is, when I write pop songs like this in Japanese, due to the language and lyrics, it tends to be lengthy. It's over 5 minutes. But I hope you like it.

And here is the lyrics.
Since now I am a Chrisitian, maybe you can think "You" as "God".

Though it was just a few years ago I became a Christian, I think the sound of this song proves that God had been always with me even before I became a Christian.

"Must Be...."

Ah 二度とない時を 迷いながら 歩き続け
こんなにも君は 僕のことを 愛してくれた
Ah 覚えてるよ 君とすごしたあの日の景色
なつかしい匂い そして僕は溶けていく

I kept walking in this time and life making mistakes
But you have loved me so much
I remember all the things I saw when I spent time with you
The scent that brings back my memory, and I begin to lose my mind

Must Be All Right
日が沈むよ 回っていくよ この僕の上で
続いていくよ とりとめもない 新しい日々が
Must Be All Right

Must be all right
The sun goes down, the world goes around upon me
The life goes on
The new days which are full of joy and sorrow
Must be all right

Ah いやせない傷を かかえながら 歩き続け
流れた血は色褪せはしない 記憶の中で
Ah それでも人は歩いていく それぞれの愛を抱いて
大事じゃない ものなんてない 忘れないでいよう

People keep walking with the wounds that don't heal
And the blood shed never fade away with our memories
People still move on holding Love in their arms
Please don't forget there is nothing meaningless

Must Be All Right
問い掛けるよ この胸の奥 愛しい昨日よ
流れる時も すべては一つさ カコもミライも
ふりあおぐよ かがやく星を ちっぽけな僕を
よかったのだろう すべてこれで 愛しい明日よ
Must Be All Right

Must be all right
I keep asking in my mind, memories of yesterday
Time is passing but everything is one, even future and the past
I look up at the stars shining and think of myself so tiny in this world
Everything is all right after all, I can embrace tomorrow
Must be all right

This song is included in the album called "Hero Of The Lights" which was recorded by Tone, Haratti, and Minetti.

In Japan, you can buy it at Monstarfm.

海外だとiTunes Storeにて、
Outside Japan, you can buy it on iTunes Store.

Yes we are selling it!

God bless,
Tak "Tone" Nakamine