Saturday, October 29, 2011

"The Concept" on SoundCloud

Hello friends!

We were planning to upload 2 song videos in this month. We were going to make them quick, using the photos and movies from the past.

However, it turned out that we need to do it right in the studio, in order to make good videos.
We gonna make those videos in December.
So, instead, we decided to release the songs on SoundCloud first.

 The Concept (sample) - Imari Tones by imaritones

This song is called "The Concept" and we played this song live many times this year.
So some of you already familiar with it.
This is a hard rocking song which goes like "Leave everything behind and follow Jesus Christ~~!".
I want you to spread the word because we need some exposure!
Thank you!

Tak / Imari Tones

Monday, October 24, 2011

STRYPER was awesome in Japan

Some of you may already know but last week Saturday STRYPER came to Japan and played at LOUDPARK festival. (It has been 22 years since they played last time in Japan)
 And, here is a picture with Tak&STRYPER.
Well, it's nothing special. It's meet&greet stuff many bands are doing nowadays.
But let me say this. It was SPECIAL!

Since we started playing Christian Rock, I always loved STRYPER. But their performance at LOUD PARK festival was more than I expected.

Every metal heads attended the festival was amazed by their awesome performance, especially Michael Sweet's amazing voice and twin guitar harmonies.

It was almost something we can call a "miracle". God's glory was shown to Japanese metalheads.

Hope we can be a great band like them in a future.

-Tak / Imari Tones

Monday, October 10, 2011

Side Project(^^)

Long time no update!
(We had some updates on Facebook but no update here on news blog for more than 1 month. Wow, sorry about that.)

We are preparing some "very ambitious" update,
we finished 2 more song mixings and working on 3 more powerful songs.
But for now, let me talk about this "Side Project".

Do you like "Side Project"?
Personally, I don't like it.
I have some favorite bands in my life and I want my heroes to concentrate on their own band/project, rather than those side projects.

But on the other hand, I like helping my friends and having fun together.
I play guitar, bass, sometimes drums in our church worship team,
I play guitar&bass in my pastor's reggae band (Yes, my pastor loves Reggae!)
Also I occasionally join my friends' cover band.

It was last year summer that I met this singer called "Atsuki Ryo"(熱きリョウ).
He was a heavy metal singer from Hiroshima, Japan. And his band had just disbanded a few months before.
He has been singing as a solo act in local bars and clubs around Tokyo.

But he was a very cool guy, and exellent metal singer who has a very wide voice range.
We hit it off together because we both love STRYPER. (smile)

And it was December 2010 that he told me he wanted to play some "Christian Heavy Metal".
He said he was going to write some metal songs for Jesus. And he said he wanted me to play guitars on those songs.
He was not a Christian, but it looks like he was feeling something inside.

It was June this year that he gave me a CD-R with those songs.
Those songs were titled like "Heaven and Hell", "Jesus Christ", and "Soldiers Into Hell" (Yes, they sound pretty much like STRYPER!).

By the end of the summer, I recorded my guitar tracks on his songs.

And now, we got this gig offer from Misono Baptist Church in Kanagawa, a church we played last year. For some reasons, I decided to play this gig with this guy Atsuki Ryo, instead of my band Imari Tones.

We had a meeting in Ikebukuro, and after that we took him to my friend church (Cornerstone Tokyo). And he was very happy there, talking passionately about his idea of God.

So we will play with him at the church concert, in December this year.
This project is called "Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode".
...and here is the picture.
Looks like a Japanese rock duo from early 90's, right?

I really hope he's gonna be a fighter for God.

Atsuki Ryo on Twitter (Japanese)