Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and a story about Doc Brown

Christmas came a little bit earlier in Japan than the rest of the world (depending on where you live) and last night I and my wife had a good time at a Christmas party at our church VIC (Yokohama, Japan).

Just as a little gift for Christmas, I want to share this song with you. It's a song we wrote for our church VIC, in 2011. As you can see, so many things happened this year in Japan and in the world. Lyric of this song, 2nd half of the song, is our prayer for Japan. We just recorded this song recently. Yes now we finished recording our "new album". We don't know how it will be released so we need your help here but anyway, now we've done it! It's December 24th early morning it was finished. (Working all night. So tired.)

 Give Us Your Miracles (mp3 sample) by imaritones

We set this song "downloadable" on soundcloud. Because we want to share the blessing with you. So feel free to share this song with anyone. It's a worship type, acoustic song.

Now here comes a new year soon.
And new year season is when we Japanese come back to home, hometown, parant's house, to see their family.

Here I want to share a little story. A journal of a local musician.
It's a story about "a local musician".
When I was a kid, when I was younger, we had video disks of "Back To The Future" movies at home. (It was, on Laser Disk, a media which has extinct long ago...)

I watched the movies (Back To The Future trilogy) many times. Actually I learned so much English from that movie. (It's heavy, hah?)
And I noticed that in the movie, Doc (Emmett Brown) calles himself "a local scientist".

I thought it's funny, because, what's local scientist?
Is it something like local bakery or local florist?

But after watching the movie many times, I gradually begining to like the word "local scientist". Because Doc Emmett Brown was totally an incredible guy. He is not famous. He is not rich. But he has a great science skill and invented a time machine after many years of research! (and no one knows the fact except his best friend Marty McFly.) There is almost not doubt that Doc is one of the greatest scientist ever, but he loves solitude and isolated from the world. People call him crazy. But he doesn't care, he stays humble, doing what he's doing, and call himself "a local scientist".

After I started playing music independently, I began to understand how it is like to be a Doc Brown. Being an independent musician is so much like "Back To The Future" movie. And I found out Doc Brown is the best form of independent music. He became a very good roll model for me.

I want to be a Doc Brown. People may call you crazy, but I continue my research and searching for the best music, trying to invent something new.
I'm not famous but trying to stay humble and call myself "a local musician". These things, probably I learned from Doc Brown?

And probably someday I will invent "Time Machine" and go back to the future:)

But let me tell you one thing.
Here is something I'm more blessed than Doc Brown.
Doc continued his research alone, and the only one person who understands him was his best friend Marty McFly.

When I look at my life, I have my wife, my band, our friends, our church.
And apperantly, we have more than one person who cares about our music.
This is Musician's Blessing!
Because music is something to share with people!
Even if I'm a stuborn introvert person, I can share our music with people.

I'm not saying we are not going to be famous. Things are getting better and better. And we just have made the greatest record ever.
I'm sure the big things are waiting for us all in 2012.

But I just want to tell you, I'm more than happy being "a local musician".
Because we can receive God's blessing most when we are humble.
Because we know that God is always watching what you do, no matter where you are, or, no matter when you are, I mean, even if you are traveling through time.

I love calling myself "a local musician".

Tak Nakamine / Imari Tones
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New song video and we need your help!

Well what can I say?
We have been working on our new recording work throughout year 2011.
February-March, we recorded 4 songs, in the occasional blackouts and turmoil after the earthquake.

April we had an opportunity to record 2 songs in Dallas Texas, USA.
(USA recording? Wow, sounds like a dream!)

In summer we (mostly Tak) did one song for Famicom Dojo podcast.

And now we are working on 3 more songs, drum tracks already done.
Probably in January 2012, we will have whole album done.

But here is the problem.
We need a record label.
(Sounds ridiculous?)

As you can see, we have been selling our music independently, mostly on internet.
But this time we want to have a breakthrough.
Next step as a band.

That's why we made these 2 videos.
We have to spread the word and have a breakthrough.

So can you help us?

We need a record label but we don't know how to contact right people.
So we decided we need help from people.

Here is our request.
Can you retweet or post this video on facebook, twitter, blog, anywhere on internet, so that the word will spread?

Here is the first video called "The Concept".

and here is the second video called "You Key". (This song is a killer!)

These are very low budget videos, recorded by iPhone camera, but they represent our attitude so much. Having fun, being happy, and being thankful to God.
It was so much fun to make these videos.
We hope you enjoy this video just like we did while making them.

Tak / Imari Tones

It looks like YouTube got a timing problem. Sound and movie sometimes doesn't synchronize. In that case, maybe you can visit our VIMEO page, just in case.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One (very) little victory

Now we finished editing our new videos and ready to show them to you, but today we want to share this one little achievement. In Japan we have a major heavy metal magazine called "Burrn!". It's every metal musician's dream to see their name written on that magazine. And now their January2012 issue, they mentioned about us! (Thanks, Amanda Somerville / Trillium !)

We are just an unknown band doing something weird but this is the first time we were mentioned in major music magazine. (and we are sure there will be many more in the future)

But bigger surprise for us is, this issue of Burrn! magazine is just like a Christian advertisement!! They have Stryper article, and also on August Burns Red interview they focused on their Christianity side (which is very rare in Japanese music magazine) and they put their Christian testimony in the article. Off course we were mentioned as a Christian metal band. How many can you find the word "Christian" in this issue!?

Wow, I can't help but feel GOD is moving here in Japan!!!
It makes me happy! GOD is Awesome!!

Tak / Imari Tones