Friday, June 21, 2013

Video Uploading Week 4

We've kept uploading our movie materials again this week.
It's kind of funny because our friends from The Extreme Tour already started this year's tour in USA/Canada, while we are still uploading movie from last year.

We feel kind of being left behind but we know we are not.
Because we are busy preparing to bring this "The Extreme Tour" to Japan in October. We are the only ones who can do this in Japan. So far several gigs are booked in Yokohama for them. We need some more help from local churches. Please pray so that we can connect with local churches in Japan.

This week we made this music video for our favorite song "Truth".
It's still "home made" style music video, but we think it turned out very good.
So check it out and enjoy!

Next video is our performance at Nuart Block Party, which we did in Moscow ID, September 2012.
That was a very nice street festival and nice stage.
Musically speaking it was definitely one of our best performance during the tour, or during the whole year.

My personal favorite moment was when we changed the setlist on the spot by the request from our friend, and played this song "Testimony".

and this is the whole show:)
(If you have some 30 minutes to watch it, as always...)

We really want to visit and play this festival again. But not this year.
We have some homework to do here in Japan.
And we are working on it very hard.
We are making whole new sound in a rehearsal room to totally revamp our music. (Well, not really, because we still sound like us after all.)
And we can't wait to play it to the world.

Maybe when we are ready. In 2014, I guess.
So, even though we don't tour overseas this year, we are not wasting our time.
We are preparing for a huge blessing.

Meanwhile, our local gig schedule in Yokohama is:

July 13th Saturday: El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama

August 21st Wednesday: Necoya, Kotobukicho

So check it out, Yokohama/Tokyo locals!
(Check it out later for YouTube movies, non-local people!)

Okay, now I'm heading for a Van Halen concert at Tokyo Dome.
We have waited for it for a long time.
(Last time they came to Japan, it was 15 years ago.)
It's great to be a rock fan!

Life is always tough.
I've been recieving messages from our friends in the world, they've been having hard time and going through tough things in life.
Please remember I'm praying for you always.
You are in my mind always.
And your suffering here on earth is not in vain.
It will turn into a blessing when Jesus comes.
(That's our Faith, right?)

"Even God's own son, suffered well well on earth..."
(from my pastor's reggae song called "Optimistic")
(This is his website by the way)

God bless you all and May God be with you always!
Thank you very much!
Tak / Imari Tones

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Video Uploading Week 3

I know it's actually funny we are still uploading these tour videos from last year now.
But it took us some long time to check and edit them.

This year fall, in October, we are going to do this "The Extreme Tour" in Japan.
We are really praying for this, because it's not really an easy thing.

Anyway here are some videos we uploaded this "week 3".

Here is a "home made" music video for the song "First Pop".

This song was on the album "Welcome To The School", which we recorded in 2008.
We have beein playing the song live for a long time now but we have finally come up with a song video for it.

At first we tried to combine some footages from several shows but when we put the footage from X-Fest (Stevenson WA, 2 September 2012), it was just perfect fit. So that's how we made the video. Quite simple.

Next movie is when we played some high school in Idaho.
It was in Coeur d'Alene ID.
We The Extreme Tour team played the high school during lunch time. It was crazy. For a Japanese band like us, playing an American high school was something unreal, because in Japanese schools things like this is almost impossible to happen. Yes it was a crazy experience, but it was fun.
Hope you can feel the vibe.

Next movie is actually not from the last year tour.
Actually it's our latest performance, a local gig we played at Rokudenashi, Sagamihara, on 25 May 2013.

I know, it's a small, very small, local bar gig with some drunken dudes.
In Japan we mostly play that kind of gigs (though we play some better gigs sometimes), partly because we don't like to play those "Live Houses" where many Japanese bands usually play.

Some of you may not like this performance because the show starts with Tak's "Kanpai!" call. But that's how we play the small bars in Japan. It may be a small dingy place, but we are proud to be there playing our Jesus Rock music to our friends. Just like Paul said in Corinthians1 9:19-23.

We are now working on so many new songs for our next endeavor, and we played some of those new songs at this gig. And Tak's guitar was at its top notch. We thought it's worth uploading the video for the record.

Please enjoy, as always, if you have time. (It's a 40 minutes show.)

Last video is something ridiculous.
It's from one of our recent local gigs in Yokohama.
Some of you may know that Tak started learning skateboarding since last year after the tour (He was inpired by some skatepark experiences during the tour).

As soon as he learned some tricks, he wanted to introduce this new essence to his live performance. And here is something he tried first.
Simple and easy, "10 shove its in a row" challenge (with his guitar on).

I know it's ridiculous. But audience seemed to like it, because in Japan not many people skate and seeing skateboarding itself is still kind of new.

I'd like to add, this performance was done in April 2013, and now Tak can also do some kickflips! LOL (He learned it just after this show. Not bad for a Japanese guy who has been skating only for 6 or 7 months, right?)

Okay that's all for today.
Check our YouTube channel for more movies and live footages.

In 2013 we are going to focus on Japan gigs and also preparing ourselves for next future endeavor, but we will keep updating and posting stuff.

See you soon!
Thanks and God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones