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Festival Announcement! 松原湖バイブレーションジャム

Festival Announcement!
(Japanese below 日本語は下にあります)

We are very happy to announce that we are going to play "Matsubarako Vibration Jam", which is actually the first ever "Christian Rock Festival" in Japan, in September 2015.

This is not only a big step for our band, but an very important step for Japanese Christian music scene!
We are very happy and proud to be a part of this!

"Matsubarako Vibration Jam" is a 3days camping event full of fun activities such as motorbike riding, BBQ, slacklining, bread baking workshop, and speciality coffee.

The event will take place at Matsubarako BIble Camp (松原湖バイブルキャンプ), Minamisaku-gun, Nagano-prefecture, Japan.

During the 3days event, Christian rock festival will take place on September 22. The bands on the bill are, Saluki=, Boxi Rocks, Soul of Faith, Indicator, Peter's Chiken Party and Imari Tones. Also Gospel pop singer Samuel will perform on September 21.

For the detail please visit the festival's official Facebook page.
You will need to register via a reservation form on the website (URL is on the flyer.)
You can buy/register 3days package (17,000yen including all the food) or just one day ticket (3,500yen, food not included. Could be a good idea if you only visit for the music festival on Sep 22).

Matsubarako VIbration Jam
Date: September 21-23, 2015
Place: Matsubarako Bible Camp
Activities: Motorbike riding, BBQ, Music Festival, Slacklining, Bread Baking Workshop, and Good Coffee
Bands/Musicians: Saluki=, Boxi Rocks, Samuel, Soul of Faith, Indicator, Peter's Chicken Party, Imari Tones
Fee: 17,000yen (3days including all meal) or 3,500yen for 1day (Food not included)
Official Facebook Page

That's the announcement.
Now here is our personal story behind the festival.
This event was planned by Nobu, a motorbike riding really tall dude who has been helping us so much since 2013, and co-hosted by Pastor Sumiyoshi at Nakoso Christ Gospel Church in Iwaki, Fukushima. (We played his church last year November. Really nice church.)

You know what, we toured in USA with other Christian bands in 2012 as The Extreme Tour. That's when we played this really nice festival called X-Fest in Stevenson WA. That was also a 3days camping festival with so many great Christian bands from all around USA/Canada. That was pretty awesome and we played one of our best shows there. We were all filled with Holy Spirit. It was incredible.
But at the same time, we thought it was probably difficult to do a festival like that in Japan, because Japanese Christian population was much smaller and Christian music scene was really small.

But now, we have done "The Extreme Tour Japan", which we thought was impossible too, 2years in a row, we met great Japanese Christian rock bands such as CLOD and Soul of Faith,  and now we have this Christian Rock Festival coming up!
We visited Matsubarako Bible Camp in March and that place really reminded me of X-Fest camping site (Stevenson WA).
So we believe this is going to be X-Fest Japan version. It's really awesome.

And our good friend Nobu is hosting this event and we are gonna play along with all these great bands!!?? It's BEYOND awesome!!

Surely once again, we know there is NOTHING impossible for God.

Please come and feel the "Vibration"!
Because it's going to be awesome and God's presence will be there strongly! I'm sure we will all be filled with Holy Spirit.

Lastly, just to feel the vibe, here is a movie of us playing X-Fest, Stevenson WA in 2012.
It was a good show for us, but it's going to be even more awesome at Matsubarako, because we have sharpened our swords very much since 2012 tour....

Thank you very much and God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)


僕らImari Tones (伊万里音色)は、今年20159月に長野県の松原湖バイブルキャンプで行われる「松原湖バイブレーションジャム」に参加し演奏します。松原湖バイブレーションジャムは、日本で初めてとなる「クリスチャンロック」のフェスティバルであり、僕たちはこれに参加することをとても嬉しく思います。


「松原湖Vibration Jam」は、3日間にわたるキャンプイベントで、ロックフェスティバルの他にもバイクツーリング、バーベキュー、スラックライン、パン作り教室、自家焙煎コーヒーなどの楽しいイベントで盛りだくさんです。


3日間のイベントの中で、クリスチャンロックフェスティバルは922日に行われ、サルーキ=、牧師ROCKS、ソルフェイ、IndicatorPeter's Chicken Party、そしてImari Tonesが演奏します。また21日にはゴスペルシンガーSamuelも歌います。


日程: 2015921-23
場所: 松原湖バイブルキャンプ
イベント内容: ロックフェスティバル、バイクツーリング、バーベキュー、スラックライン、パン作り教室、自家焙煎コーヒー, etc
出演バンド: サルーキ=、牧師ROCKS、サムエル、ソルフェイ、IndicatorPeter's Chicken PartyImari Tones (伊万里音色)
料金: 17,000 (全日程)3,500(日帰り)


思えば、僕たちは2012年、他のクリスチャンバンドたちと一緒にThe Extreme Tourとしてアメリカをツアーしていました。

けれども、こうして気が付けば、僕たちはこれも同様に不可能だと思っていた日本版The Extreme Tour (The Extreme Tour Japan)2年連続で行い、CLODやソルフェイといったような素晴らしい日本のクリスチャンロックバンドと知り合い、そしてこうしてクリスチャンロックのフェスティバルをこうして行おうとしています。







Tak (aka Tone) / Imari Tones (伊万里音色)

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