Friday, December 2, 2016

Thank you for The Extreme Tour Japan 2016

It has been already a month, but we did "The Extreme Tour Japan 2016" in the past October. (Even though we updated our Facebook&Twitter, we have not posted here yet.)
It was our 4th time (4th year) doing XTJ (The Extreme Tour Japan) and it was another huge blessing for us.

This year we had Victriano from Chile and toured together.
Victoriano are based in Santiago, Chile, literally the other side of the earth from Japan. But they sing in JAPANESE and they play CHRISTIAN ROCK. And most importantly they are eager to spread God's Words in Japan.
So we decided to have them on this tour and it was awesome.

The tour went to places such as Seto, Gamagori (Aichi), Yokohama (Kanagawa), Iwaki (Fukushima), Shimokitazawa, Sibuya, Ueno, Fussa (Tokyo).

We played many shows, together with our friends at Calling Records and other local Japanese bands.

We, as Imari Tones, played 5 shows during the tour period. But I (Tak) also played bass for Victoriano and played even more shows with them.

Other Christian artists involved in the tour were, Soul of Faith, Hiroki Miki, Yona Ishikawa, Xie, Saluki and B.D.Badge. (I hope I didn't forget anyone.)

Without a doubt, the tour was super awesome and super blessed one.
So many miracles, beautiful moments, friendship and great music. Most importantly God's Love.

For me it was one of the most awesome XTJ experiences, maybe as awesome as the first year (2013).

Thank you for all the people involved, all the people who helped us, all the artists, pastors, club owners and awesome audiences.

For your information, there are some articles written about the tour and our Shimokitazawa show. They are in Japanese language but hopefully you can feel the vibe.

Also here are some pictures from the tour, mostly our band Imari Tones.
If you want to see other bands and whole tour report, please check the official Facebook page of The Extreme Tour Japan.

Sadly I should say, this probably will be the last XTJ we lead, because we decided to "move on" next year. The future of XTJ is at this point unknown. Possibly some friends at Calling Records will take over the leading roll. Or possibly it will be on temporary "hiatus". Only God knows. If you are willing to work for "The Extreme Tour Japan" and help God's Love spread through Rockn'Roll, please let us know. Japan needs Jesus and we need God's Love on "street level".

Thank you very much and God bless you all!!!
Tak / Imari Tones

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