Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jesus Wind is released!! Press Release!!

Our new album "Jesus Wind" is released!!
The concept album about Japanese Christian history, now available on major online music stores such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Thanks to your support, our IndieGoGo campaign was successfully funded and we made the CDs. They are available on BandCamp!!

Here is our press release on Jesus Wind album!!!

Thank you very much!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Tak Nakamine
Date: November 16, 2017

Title: Japanese Christian Metal Band IMARI TONES releases new album “Jesus Wind”, a concept album about Japanese history

Yokohama, Japan - November 16, 2017 - Japanese Christian heavy metal band Imari Tones releases new album titled “Jesus Wind” to discover the unknown spiritual history of Japan

Japanese Christian rock band (virtually the only active Christian metal band in the Buddhist nation) Imari Tones has released their new album titled “Jesus Wind” on November 9th 2017. According to the band, “Jesus Wind” is a concept album about Japanese history from a Christian point of view. Imari Tones was formed as a band in 2004 and became a Christian rock band with current lineup (Tak, Hassy, Jake) in 2008. The band has toured both in Japan and USA, while recording many albums independently.

After releasing the former studio album “Revive the World” in 2015, Tak (guitars/vocals) was interested in Japanese history and came up with an idea for the album. He says, “We wondered if it’s possible to make a concept album. A concept album to focus on Japanese history from a Christian point of view. So many Japanese people think Christianity is Western/European religion. But we don’t necessarily think that way. In fact, essence of Christianity was carried to Japan in many ways. For example, if you read the book “Bushido” by Inazo Nitobe, you can see Bushido (Samurai's code) has so much in common with Christianity. Also it is widely known that Japanese Buddhism in medieval age was influenced by Christianity. “ After intense rehearsals and 5 months of recording work, Jesus Wind was finally finished.

The album consists of 3 parts: Past, Present and Future. This is because the band decided to write not only about the past, but also about the future, in order to convey the message of hope. The Present part gives the listener a feeling of tension and reality, through the songs about the ongoing events like Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant incident in 2011 and political turmoil in the current world. The future part has almost prophecy-like overtone, with spiritual utopian songs like “Revolution” and “New Jerusalem”.

Although playing in “Christian Metal” genre, Imari Tones is also known for its diverse music styles, often progressive with a similarity to Rush and Yes. But they focused more on straightforward heavy metal style on this album. As a result “Jesus Wind” is the heaviest and most intense heavy metal album Imari Tones has made so far. “Repent”, the lead single and the first music video from the album, is nothing short of a loud & clear statement as a Christian metal band from the East. It is not a coincidence that Tak quotes the Bible verse from Isaiah 42 in the song “Revolution”; Sing to the Lord a new song, and His praise from the ends of the earth, You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, You coastlands and you inhabitants of them!

The album is available on iTunes and BandCamp, as well as on digital streaming outlets such as Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music. Physical CDs are available on BandCamp, where you can buy directly from the band. 

Track List:

1. Jee-You
2. Dying Prophet
3. God’s People
4. Saints Seeking Salvation
5. Bushido

6. The War
7. The Peace
8. Remembrance
9. The Wave
10. When The Nation Falls

11. This is How Freedom Dies
12. Repent
13. Don’t Stop Walking
14. Revolution
15. New Jerusalem

Imari Tones website:

Imari Tones Facebook:

Imari Tones Twitter:

Imari Tones YouTube channel:

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Releasing "Jesus Wind" Now on BandCamp

Releasing new album "Jesus Wind"!!
Now it's on BandCamp!!

We will ship it internationally, just like we always did.
For the CDs, other than BandCamp we will set up CDbaby soon. (It will take some time though)

For digital stores and streaming services (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc), it will be available sometime next week. (Possibly this weekend, for some stores)

Meanwhile this is a THANKS message video from us.
We have already shipped the CDs to our backers on IndieGoGo.
Thank you very much. Without your help we could not have made this album with a proper package.

This could the most important album we have ever made.
So be sure to check out!!

あるばむ"Jesus Wind"のリリース作業をしています。



すごいカタカナ発音で間違えまくって英語をしゃべってます。本当にごめんなさい() でも、こんなにちゃんとしたCDが作れたので、皆さんには本当に感謝しています。IndieGoGobackしてくれた人々には既にCDもデジタルも発送を完了していますが、反響のメッセージとかコメントとか来ると本当に嬉しい。こういう気持ちの通じ合う感じが、インディで音楽やってる醍醐味かなと思います。いまだささやかな弱小バンドではありますが、喜びつつ歩みます。
感謝 in Christ. In Jesus name.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The CDs have arrived!!

Hello, this is Tak from Imari Tones.

Finally, the "Jesus Wind" CDs have arrived!!
They look great and sound great.
Everything is good.

It feels great to see this concept album in the complete form, with the nice package and artwork.

We say thank you very much.
With all your help, we could get this done and we are very happy.

Yesterday after the band rehearsal, we autographed those CDs.
For those people helped us on IndieGoGo, now we are going to ship them to you.
At the same time we will set up the digital downloads, too.

Again thank you very much.
We will try our best to present this album to the world, such as advertising, sending to media and stuff.

We appreciate if you help us spread the word.
Most of all, we hope you will like the album and the music.

Thank you and God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Album Update: Ordered!!

Hi, this is Tak from Imari Tones.
Here is CD making update!!

Yesterday we finally have ordered the CD manufacturing to a credible factory in Japan.
It took us so long to design the 12-page-booklet with photos, lyrics and stories. (Phew, that was a tough work.) But we are very grateful because we are now able to make the CDs with the fancy booklet because of your help!!

I think it has turn out very well (at least at the point of seeing the sample PDF sent from the factory) and can't wait for the release.

If everything goes right, the CDs will arrive at our office on/around November 2nd. We will autograph them at our weekend rehearsal and I think we will be able to ship them in the 2nd week of November. (and it will take some more to arrive for international shippings.....)

We will set up the digital downloads around the same time.
Just like we said before, for the people who helped us on IndieGoGo, we will include the bonus download package, that is "Tak's teenage band song" and 2 unreleased songs from our past recordings.

Because "Jesus Wind" is a very important album for us, it took so long to release after the completion of recording (that was actually last year). We feel really blessed to be able to release it finally.

It's our pleasure to share the excitement with you all.
Hope you feel the "Jesus Wind", too;)

Thank you very much!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We made it! "Jesus Wind" campaign now 100% Thank you for your support!

Yes we have made it!
Now our "Jesus Wind" campaign has reached 100% goal!!

We would not have come this far without your support. Each of you.
So let me say thank YOU very much one more time.

Each of your support, very encouraging, thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in Christian rock. Thank you for believing in the power of music. Thank you for helping us spread God's Love in Japan and beyond. We will keep on rocking for Jesus.

Now I believe we can release "Jesus Wind" in a good manner. I mean, the CDs with lyrics and stories and all. When we recorded this album, we didn't know how to make a proper package to tell the story behind this concept album. Now we can do it with all your support. How great is that!
Can't wait to release the album and share all the music with you. It means so much to us.

This campaign ends on October 1st 11:59pm PDT.
We will start working on the release, manufacturing CDs, preparing downloads and other perks. 
We will post updates on IndieGoGo page and let you know about the progress. So stay tuned until we send out all the CDs and downloads.

Again thank you very much. This has been a very precious and encouraging experience for us.
God is great!
You people are awesome!

God bless you ALL!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

日本の歴史をテーマにしたコンセプトアルバム"Jesus Wind"のクラウドファンディングキャンペーン、おかげさまで100%を達成することが出来ました!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

90% and 1week left!!

We are gearing up for the October 7th concert at Shinjuku and here is a photo from the studio rehearsal today.
October 7th Saturday, at Shinjuku MegaRock. Please come and see us!

Our "Jesus Wind" crowdfunding is now funded 90%.
I have not expected we would come this far.
We are very thankful and we don't know what to say.
1 week left and if you see it reach 100%, now is the time to help us!

Visit here and help us please:)

Also here is the detail of the concert on October 7th.

新宿 MegaRock
Calling Records Presents
Open 17:30 Start 18:00予定
Fee: 2000yen +1drink
出演(予定): 三木ヒロキ、B.D.BadgeSoul of FaithXieImari Tones

クリスチャンロックレーベルCalling Records3年目となる主催イベントです。
Imari Tonesは現在取り組んでいる"Overture"プロジェクトからの選曲を中心に、いつものヘヴィメタル色を抑えて、さわやかな日本語のオルタナティヴロックを演奏する予定です。
Imari Tonesの出番は3バンド目の予定です。

Thank you very much and God bless you all!!
Tak / Imari Tones

Monday, September 18, 2017

Now 74% Thank you for your support!!

Thank you for your support for our "Jesus Wind" campaign so far.
Again, thinking about all the things happening in the world right now, we are very thankful and very much humbled. Feeling blessed and let me say THANK YOU VERY MUCH once again!

For "something extra" included in the package, we have decided to include this [Tak's teenage song from 1990's] (see our previous post on September 6) and [1 or possibly 2 unreleased songs from our past catalog]. This will be included in the digital download of "Jesus Wind" album.
They will only be available if you buy "Jesus Wind" album on this IndieGoGo campaign.

"Jesus Wind" is super powerful Christian heavy metal album. But if you look at the picture from Mid-90's and are curious how the music sounded like, visit our campaign page and help us a bit.

Campaign is open until October 1st. (ends on Oct 1, 11:59pm PDT)

Thank you very much!
God bless you all!!

Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A song from 1990's

[This special photo from 1990's]

A lot of things are happening in the world.
Hurricane in USA, missiles in North Korea.
We pray for recovery and safety for those who affected.
I see some of my favorite Christian bands (such as Switchfoot) are doing benefit concerts. For an indie band from Japan, it's a bit awkward to post about our new album and crowdfunding project.

But just "one more push" and it will cover the cost of manufacturing CDs.
So if you're interested in our new album, please check and help (^^)

"Jesus Wind project on IndieGoGo"

Meanwhile I'm thinking about how to make it special.
I think we are going to add "something extra" for people who helped us on IndieGoGo. Other than just a CD and album download, we are wanting to add something extra. Because it's a special occasion, right?

What do you think?
What should we do to make you happy?
Personalized video/audio message?
Or some "unreleased" songs?

Yes it's true we have some "unreleased" songs dropped from the official albums in the past. But it's also true they were dropped because something was not good enough.

So I remembered this old photo.
Some of you might have seen it before on my personal facebook account.
It's a photo from 1990's. Mid 90's, I should say.
I was a teenager. 15 years old, I think. (The photo was taken in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, Japan.)

I was playing guitar in this local band and we ROCKED the local scene.
I wrote some of my first songs in this band.
Among all those songs, we recorded just 1 song in a recording studio.

Do you think you wanna hear it?

It's a Japanese teenage local band in Mid-1990's. So you don't expect some "dubstep" or "postrock". You will probably expect something like Van Halen and Bon Jovi.
But probably you will be surprised at the fact I was already writing some good music (hopefully).

Funny thing was, I later quit the teenage band because my priority was to study and to enter college, but some of the guys in the band kept playing and went successful in 2000's Japanese music scene. Especially the singer guy became a very successful songwriter and his songs were all over Japanese TV in the last decade. It's funny because I was the main songwriter back then in the teenage band. Probably he learned songwriting skills from me ;)

I hope this "teenage" song will interest you.
But if you have any good idea, please let me know.

Thank you and God bless you.
May God protect all the people from disaster.
May God bring peace to the whole world.
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

Monday, September 4, 2017

"Dying Prophet" music video released!

We made a video for "Dying Prophet", our favorite song from the upcoming concept album "Jesus Wind"!!

This is actually 4th video from the new album that is not even released yet. Are we giving away too much music?

For those people helped us on IndieGoGo, we are thinking about adding something extra! Thank you!

(and here is the IndieGoGo project for the new album)

Honestly we think this is one of the best songs we have ever written. Check, watch, hear and be blown away!!

We rock for Jesus because Jesus Rocks!!

"Dying Prophet"という今日のビデオをアップしました。
現在絶賛クラウドファンディング遂行中、10月リリース予定のコンセプトアルバム"Jesus Wind"に収録されている入魂の楽曲です。

気が付けば、リリース前にも関わらず"Jesus Wind"からの楽曲はこれですでに4曲がミュージックビデオとして公開されています。(本当は、インスト曲を昨年ひとつアップしていたので、それを入れると5曲。)


なんにせよ、この"Dying Prophet"は、入魂の1曲です。
アルバム"Jesus Wind"の2曲目として収録される予定ですが、この数年間、ライヴでもたくさん演奏してきました。


でも、今のImari Tonesの辿り着いたスタイルを、もっとも凝縮したような1曲である、ということは言えると思います。


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Now 51%!! Help us for "Jesus Wind" new album!!

Hello this is Tak from Imari Tones, Christian rock band from Japan.
It's about 2 weeks since we have launched the IndieGoGo campaign for our new album "Jesus Wind".

Now we have raised 51% of the goal.
We are halfway there and we have not secured enough budget to press the CDs yet, but let me say we are very thankful for all your support.

This is very emotional.
Every contribution we had on IndieGoGo, every kind word people told us, every share on Twitter and Facebook, they make us very humble and grateful.
We will try our best, for this "Jesus Wind" album is something we have to do for Christianity in Japan.

If you don't know yet, "Jesus Wind" is a concept album about Japanese history from a Christian point of view. Also it's the most powerful heavy metal album we have made so far.
We have started Crowdfunding project for the release. In order to make CDs, to be exact.

So please help us!
Check it out on our IndieGoGo page.

If you check the "perks" listed there, it is actually a chance to get all of our albums for a very affordable price.

Thank you very much!!
God bless you ALL!

Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

[Summer Tapes 2017: studio rehearsal movie]


いくつかの曲は既にちょっと前にアップしてたけれど、6曲ぶんをひとつのムービーにまとめてみた() ちょっとしたドキュメント風に(苦笑)






その時の演奏も悪くなかったんだけど、いくつかの曲で、カメラ映りとか()、演奏の出来とか、あったから、"Mistake""Born Again"は、次の週の練習を、自撮りして、そっちのテイクを使った。ていうか、マイクスタンドにカメラくくりつけて自撮りしたんだけど、意外と悪くないアングルとか映り方だったんで、これでいいじゃん、って思ったけど。





で、これは文字にして書き残しておきたいんだけれど、この"Summer Tapes 2017"と題したリハーサルの映像を見ても、この中には、うちのバンドの演奏のダメな部分とか、バンドとしてのダメな部分がいっぱい、もろに映ってる。



そんなOvertureなイマリトーンズの、数少ないライヴは、107()、新宿MegaRockにて、Calling Records3周年のイベントとして行われます。

Calling Records presents
"Jesus Calling vol.1"
場所: 新宿MegaRock
Open 17:30 Start 18:00
Fee 2000yen +1drink
Bands: Xie, B.D.Badge, 三木裕季, Soul of Faith, Imari Tones


Thursday, August 17, 2017


This is just a notification of a gig we play in Tokyo!!
Oct 7th Saturday at Shinjuku Mega Rock.


クリスチャンロック専門レーベルCaling Recordsの主催ライブが今年も行われます。
2017年10月7日(土)、場所は歌舞伎町にあるロック色の強いライブハウス新宿Mega Rockです。
もちろん僕たちImari Tonesも出演します。今回はいつものメンバーに加え、僕たちも尊敬する先輩であるクリスチャンロックの大御所B.D.Badgeの出演が目玉です。

Imari Tonesは、只今クラウドファンディング続行中の話題のコンセプトアルバム"Jesus Wind"のリリースと重なる時期ですが、実のところバンドは既に次のアルバム、全曲日本語となる予定の"Overture"に取り組んでいますので、その"Overture"からの日本語の楽曲を中心に演奏します。メタル色はあまり強くなく、オルタナ、ポップ色の強い「さわやかな」ステージを展開しますので、ご期待下さい。

そしてCalling Recordsの志を同じくするクリスチャンバンドたちの熱い演奏が集うイベントです。日本におよそほとんどここにしかない、と言える、このクリスチャンロックの最先端を、どうぞ体験しに来てください。


Calling Records presents
"Jesus Calling vol.1"
場所: 新宿MegaRock
Open 17:30 Start 18:00
Fee 2000yen +1drink
Bands: Xie, B.D.Badge, 三木裕季, Soul of Faith, Imari Tones

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jesus Wind Crowdfunding! Please help us!!

Hello this is Tak from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian heavy metal band.
Today here (as we have posted already on Facebook) we have very important news.

We soon will release the new album called "Jesus Wind".
It's a concept album about Japanese history.
Japanese history from a Christian viewpoint.

This is an album we have always wanted to make.
This is the most powerful heavy metal album we have ever made and it's going to be a very important album for us.

We have launched a Crowdfunding campaign for the release, because we want to release the album on actual CDs, not only digital downloads.

Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign page.
We have videos, photos, songs and stories behind the album.
Please check and help us.
Your support is very important for us.

Visit here:)

Also we really appreciate if you spread the word about this crowdfunding campaign and the new album.

We hope you join us and celebrate together on the release of this album!
Thank you very much!

God bless you ALL!
Tak / Imari Tones


僕たちはもうすぐ、"Jesus Wind"というタイトルのアルバムをリリースします。







Tak / 伊万里音色

Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Overture" from Rehearsal Room

Just before the launch of "Jesus Wind" album, this could be a bit of distraction but here.

Our next project (after "Jesus Wind) is called "Overture".
It will be All Japanese album. (I mean, the lyrics.)
It's been quite a long time since we did All Japanese album last time.
Here is a rehearsal footage from some rehearsal place in Yokohama.
This song is called "Overture". It's a song about how difficult it is, and how precious it is, to genuinely believe.

"Jesus Wind"に続く伊万里音色の次のプロジェクトは"Overture"、そしてそれは全曲日本語のアルバムになります。全部日本語のアルバムを作るのは本当に久しぶりです。今の僕たちならではの日本語のクリスチャンロックを鳴らします。








つまり、僕らみたいなライヴ演奏の機会の少ない出不精のインディーバンドであっても、うちのバンドは、演奏する曲目が、まったく一定していない。毎回少しずつ変わる、どころか、毎回まったく違うのはきっと皆さん知っているだろう。それはきっと、音楽的に僕が欲張り過ぎるだけなのだ。いまどき、そんな贅沢は、ワールドツアーをやって2時間のコンサートをするレジェンダリーバンドでもやれないことだ。(それはもちろん、ベテランバンドほど、昔の曲しかやれないからだ。) だけれども、音を鳴らすのに何のリミットも限界もない。著作権団体は何かを言うかもしれないが笑、僕らはそこにすらおおむね関わりがない。だったら音を鳴らすことに限界を設ける必要はないし、そうするべきでもない。

今まで僕らの演奏曲目は、めまぐるしく変わってきたし、これからもそうだろう。もちろん、やらなきゃいけない時には、"Faith Rider""Karma Flower"をやるし、"Jee-You"だってやるだろうけれども。




たとえば、"Japan Metal Jesus"アルバムの最後に入ってる"Shito Shinjo"(使徒信条)なんかは、使徒信条を歌った曲、海外のクリスチャンバンドはよくやってるけれど、他の日本のバンドがやって陳腐になる前に、俺たちもやっちゃおう、と思ったから、日本語で使徒信条を作品にしてみた曲だ。すごい即席なんだけれど、シャレが利いていて自分ではわりと気に入っている。あの曲のサビに出てくる「わかりきったことに議論なんか必要ないでしょう」というのは、すごく宗教っぽくて笑えるという自虐ギャグのつもりなんだけれど、元ネタは別にキリスト教とかじゃなく、Van HalenのライヴアルバムでSammy HagarMCで言っていた言葉が元ネタだ。どこかの作家からの引用だろうと思うけれど。





このアルバムは、Imari Tonesの今の現メンバーで制作するアルバムとしては最後の作品になる、と皆には公言するようにしているけれど、だからいろいろと複雑な意味合いを持つ作品ではあるけれど、そのことには今は触れない。どちらにせよバンドの到達点である「鍋島」を鳴らすために、そして「皆さんの期待」に応えるために、今のままでは無理である、と判断したから、バンドの再構築、建て直し、を検討しているのである。





[Born Again]や、[Forgiven]、そして[Mistake]あたりは、非常に直接的にキリスト教的な歌詞の色が強い。
[Overture]や、[Discarded World]あたりは、キリスト教的な要素は、実は強く入っているけれども、それをうまく隠した歌詞になっている。多少は歌詞が書けるようになったということか。
ラップ曲の[Revive The Nation]や、弾き語り曲の[誰も神を見ない」あたりは、キリスト教世界の、というよりは人類世界の中の、信仰をめぐる状況について、遠回しに批判的に歌う内容になっている。
そして[さむらわない][言葉][Cat Licks]は、それほどクリスチャン的な内容とかはあんまり関係のない曲である() 少なくとも直接的にはあんまりない。






でも、これがImari Tonesによる日本語のクリスチャンロックバンドとしての表現だ、と、そう言ってしまって、かまわない。



ときに、Calling Recordsのライブイベントが、来たる2017107()新宿Mega Rockにて行われます。もちろん僕たちImari Tonesも演奏します。

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Japanese Pop" is back on Spotify

A popular album of ours "Japanese Pop" is back on Spotify/iTunes (and other digital stores).
This is NOT a Christian album, because we became a Christian band AFTER this album.
Still, it's true this album has some "spiritual" overtone.
It's also the first album we sang in English language, trying to reach the international market.

Although it's a good album, I have some mixed feeling about this album.
My singing performance was not perfect, due to the miscommunication with the Japanese producer.
That be said, I still believe "Winning Song Japanese version", the last track of the album, is one of the best things we have ever done. I really recommend you to listen.

and needless to say, everybody loves "Karma Flower".
Again, I personally prefer the Japanese version of this song, but it's been very popular among our fans, probably next to "Faith Rider".
These 3 songs on this album were produced by famous German producer Sascha Paeth and they are all awesome songs. (Karma Flower, Iron Hammer, Skies of Tokyo)

The title is a little bit tricky because it says "POP" while it actually is a Hardrock/HeavyMetal album. Album cover is very cute, too.

This album was supposed to be a "hit". But we could not find a record deal in Japanese music business. (Yes, we suck at business. We know that.)
But that doesn't hurt the value of the music itself.

We recommend you to check it on Spotify/AppleMusic or any digital music store.
and of course, we recommend the other albums we have made AFTER we became a Christian rock band, too;)

2006-2007くらいに作ってた、俺たちの(一応の)人気作、"Japanese Pop"が、Spotifyに再アップされたよ! (アグリゲイター乗り換えにつき再掲載作業中)



皆さん知っているかもしれないが、このアルバムは、[Tak Yonemochi][Sascha Paeth]という二人の著名なぷろでゅーさーさんに録ってもらったアルバムである。



だが、そうであったとしても、アルバム最後の"Winning Song" (Japanese Version)は、今までに作ってきた中でも、すごくうまくいろんなものがぴったりきた一曲であることは否定できない。この最後の1曲のためだけでも、このアルバムをやった価値はあった。

そして、みんなみんな、誰もが"Karma Flower"を大好きだということは知っている。ただこれも、自分としては、いっこ前のアルバムに入れた日本語バージョンのやつの方が好きなんだけれど。。。

Sascha Paeth氏に録ってもらった3(Karma Flower, Iron Hammer, Skies of Tokyo)は、どれも良い出来だ。確かにワールドクラスなサウンドになってると思う。
でも、フォローするわけじゃあないが、Tak Yonemochi氏に録ってもらった「こだわりのアナログサウンド」も、自分は気に入っている。(色々あれなところはあるけれど。。。)

一応これでも、英語で歌って、世界を目指せ、みたいになって、その後、ずっとその方向性でやっているのも、Yonemochi氏に言われて、そして氏の(Air Pavilion)やってきたことを、多少なりとも受け継ぎたいと思ったからだ。



なに、2曲目の"Karma Flower"と、最後の"Winning Song Japanese Version"だけ聴けばいいよ!()

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Jee-You" Freedom Music Video

So here is a new music video!
Again, it's a song from our upcoming concept album "Jesus Wind".

This is a song about FREEDOM.

In Japanese, "Jiyu" (自由) means freedom.
But we believe freedom is in the relationship between you and God.
Real freedom can be found in the relationship between you and God.

So we spelled it this way. "Jee-You".
It means "Jesus - You".

This is a revolution song.
It's a song about how we can change the world with our faith and passion.
Is it a "anti-war song"?
But it also sounds like "you got to fight for freedom".
So it's up to you.

We want to ask you about what freedom really is.
For example, when we say "Freedom" (Jiyu) in Japanese, it probably means different than what American people mean by the word freedom.
Is it a freedom to kill others?
Or is it a freedom to die for something important?
If so what is your freedom for?
My English is not perfect but I hope you know what I mean.
It was a good thing we posted this video on July 4th.
Because we believe in Freedom as much as anyone from any country does.

About the video itself, it's a compilation of our live footage in the past few years.
It's basically a homemade music video by a small indie band.
But we are happy and proud, to convey the message from our live shows.
We are thankful and grateful for all the people who helped us play these shows and make music.

Our new album "Jesus Wind" is a concept album about Japanese history.
Its song order is based on the history timeline, from ancient to present to future.
So this song was supposed to be, like, 13th song, in the time order of the album.
But we decided to put this song as the 1st song, as an opening track of the album.
Because we believe it is people's faith, hope and passion that will change the history, any time any place in the world.

Probably I spoke too much today.
But thank you very much.

God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones

というわけで我らがImari Tones (伊万里音色)の新しい曲のビデオ"Jee-You"のMVをアップしました。


もう言っちゃいますが、"Jesus Wind"のリリースについては、クラウドファンディングをやろうと思っていて、それは小規模ながらも、フィジカルというかCDを作るためのもので、本当のもっと大事な目的はそれは今までお世話になった皆さんに挨拶と報告をする、つまり、記念碑的な作品を作り上げました、という報告と挨拶、をすることですが。ですので金額も小規模ですし、成否も本当のところ問いませんが、クラウドファンディングをやろうと思っています。

今、その準備も少しずつやっていますが、それまでに、YouTube上に、3つか4つ、この"Jesus Wind"からの楽曲のビデオを上げておきたかった。これでとりま3つ上げたことになりますんで、あともうひとつ、クラウドファンディングを始動させる前にアップできるかどうか。




確か"Testimony"とか"First Pop"とか"Iron Hammer"とか、アメリカを回った時の映像とか使ってるし。"Heroes"とかも福島と宮城を回った時の映像を使っていたりとか。"Truth"のビデオもライヴ映像を組み合わせて作っていたと思う。





特にここ数年を振り返って、2013年以降、XTJ (The Extreme Tour Japan)をやってきたことは、僕たちのバンドの進路としてはやはり少なからず、大きな決断だったんだけれど。それでも、僕らみたいな、特に日本国内ではあまり人々と接点を持たない、ちょっと異質なメタルバンドにとって、こうして日本国内で、小規模であってもツアーとか、仲間と言える人々とともに、演奏活動をしてくることが、出来た。


もうひとつは、やはり振り返って、何度も繰り返すけれども、無名の不器用なバンドではあるけれども、こうしてここ数年、XTJやCalling Recordsの活動の中で、いろいろな人々に支えてもらって、こうして「熱い」ライヴをやってくることが出来たことに、本当に感謝。やっぱり、この数年やってきたことは、決して無駄ではなかったと思える。こうして僕らは大事な作品であり、ひとつの境地である"Jesus Wind"を作りあげたし、その先の「鍋島」のヴィジョンにも辿り着くことが出来た。(たとえ、ここで一度、バンドを解体しなくてはならないとしても。)


もちろん、ビデオの冒頭にもあるように、これは"Jesus - You"ということと「自由」ということのダジャレなんだけれども。

この曲は"Jesus Wind"の楽曲の中では、最後に書いた曲で、有り体に言ってしまえば、恥ずかしながら、Y&Tのライヴを見て、"Forever"っていうわざとらしい曲で合唱しているオーディエンスの様子を見て、僕もこんなわざとらしいメタルの曲を作ってみたい、って思って(笑)ついつい出来てしまった曲。






Monday, May 29, 2017

"Bushido" music video!

Here is 2nd music video from our upcoming concept album "Jesus Wind".

This song is called "Bushido".
Not necessarily the heaviest song on the album, but definitely one of the "catchiest" songs.
We came up with some funny ideas and decided to make a video for this song, just like "2nd single" from the album.

As we being a Japanese Christian band, we can say this song lyrically is based on the book by Inazo Nitobe, one of the most notable Christian author in Japanese history.

Bushido means "Samurai's way" and it's about sacrificing oneself for justice and putting value on honor rather than victory.

You can say it's a serious song but this video actually is plain and simple fun stuff, with some Samurai Chanbara action and even some zombies.

We can't wait to release the album and let you hear the whole thing.
But for now, I hope you enjoy this song!

Tak / Imari Tones


さて、今年リリース予定のコンセプトアルバム"Jesus Wind"から、2つめのミュージックビデオをアップしました。





Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Color of Hers" revised version

Here is another "modification" of our past work.
We posted the revised version of our 2005/2006 album "Color of Hers" on BandCamp, iTunes and Spotify.

To be more exact, we remixed 2 songs titled "I" and "Omoi".
Also Tak has re-recorded some vocal tracks of "I".
That song has a long story to tell.

However, because my English is not good enough and it would be a daunting task if I tried to explain about the song, I just will let the music speak for itself.
(For Japanese speakers, well, a long story told below....)

This song "I" is also included in our "Japanese Pop" album, recorded in 2006-2007, but let me just say I was never happy with the result. That is one of the reasons we "revised" this song now.

Other songs remain untouched and only these 2 songs ("I" and "Omoi") have been remixed.

We hope you will enjoy it. This is one of the albums we made BEFORE we became a Christian band, but it's still important album for us.

Meanwhile, we are fully aware that we have kept you waiting for our new album "Jesus Wind". 
We will post another music video from the new album soon.
Also we will post the album cover artwork, hopefully in a week or so.
And we will release some important news about the new album, "before the end of the rainy season in Japan".

Thank you and God bless you ALL!

Tak / Imari Tones









全部が完璧っていうわけではなく、だからこそ、一昨年には、その時に作った4枚の作品のうち"Heteregeneous Species"および"Reluctant Savior"の2枚を、ベースを半分くらい弾きなおして、ごく一部のギターを弾き直して、あとは2曲だけピアノの曲のヴォーカルを歌いなおして、そしてミックスし直した。そして、ずいぶん納得のいくものになった。


で、"Color of Hers"っていうタイトルで名付けた一枚があって。

これはとても恥ずかしい曲で、というか、この"Color of Hers"は、高校時代に書いた曲がいっぱい入ってる。




だからタイトルの「I」っていうのは色々な意味があるけれど、ああ、でもそういえば、当時The Yellow Monkeyにも同じタイトルの曲があったよね、それは、ごめん、真似したかもしれないけれど、けれどもその「I」っていうのが、まず最初の意味としては、うちの嫁さんの名前のイニシャルだということは確かだと思う。






その他にも、その時に取り組んだ楽曲で、ちゃんと歌えなかった、歌うのが難しかった楽曲が、いくつかあった。(その中には"Karma Flower"の日本語版である"初春恋風"も含む。これのサビがちゃんと歌えるようになったのは、やっとここ数年のことだと思う。)



で、2006-2007にかけて行った"Japanese Pop"のレコーディングでは、その時、ちょうど、発声を切り替えようとしていた時期だったから、タイミングが最悪だった。


で、"Japanese Pop"の時は、もうその「力んだ発声」にも戻れなかったし、かといって「力まない発声」も、まだちゃんと出来ていなかった。
その上、ほとんど初めての「プロデューサーとの作業」で、Yプロデューサーとのコミュニケーションも完璧ではなかったので、作業手順とかも含めて、精神的にもすごくナーバスだった。そして、この「力まない発声」、いわゆるヘッドヴォイスをちゃんと使ったミックスヴォイスなんだけれど、これは、精神的な影響をものすごく受ける。だから、この"Japanese Pop"は、ヴォーカルに関して言えば間違いなく僕の人生で底辺の作品で、いちばんひどい。そして、そんな状態で「I」の別バージョンも、この"Japanese Pop"に収録されてしまった。その出来には、まったく納得がいっていない。タイトルとかジャケットとかのせいで、そしてサシャ・ピートに録ってもらった"Karma Flower"などの楽曲のおかげで、今でもアクセスとかダウンロードの多い、僕らとしてはヒットと言っていいこの"Japanese Pop"だけれど、僕自身としては、あまり納得のいっていない作品であることも確かだ。それに、僕たちはこの"Japanese Pop"の後からクリスチャンバンドになったのに、この"Japanese Pop"を聴いて、いろいろ判断されるのも困る。(でも実際には、ちゃんとバンドの歴史を調べずに、そういうことを言う人も多い。)





知ってのとおり、僕はヘヴィメタルのギタリストではあるけれども、自分のことをメタルシンガーだと思ったことはない。僕の声は実のところ、もっと、ポップとか、せいぜいグラムとか、パンクとか、そっち寄りの声だ。それは知っている。それでもあえてやっているのがこのImari Tonesの音楽だ。




そんなわけで、この作品"Color of Hers"も、改訂版として、BandCamp、iTunes、Spotifyなどにのっけました。



Thursday, May 4, 2017

A little acoustic tune and "Prototypes"

Just a small update:)

We are basically (without a doubt) a small unknown indie band.
Some of you may know, we have a long history of making music, even before we became a "Christian band".

I, Tak Nakamine, was making music even before this band was officially formed into a "band", if you know what I mean. I was recording music just by myself.

So here is an album "Prototypes". (I call it "small album" because it only has 8 songs on it)
I recorded it back in 1999.

There was a little cute acoustic song called "Flowers".

I wrote and recorded it in 1999. But back then, I didn't have an acoustic guitar. (Does it surprise you?)
So, I used Boss Acoustic Simulator effect pedal and tried to make it sound like an acoustic song.

Fast forward to 2017, now I have a "decent" acoustic guitar. (Made by Headway guitars, Japanese guitar manufacturer, if you want to know.)
So I decided to "re-record" this song, using a real acoustic guitar.

Here is the result.

Also, I did one more thing to "revise" this old album.
I replaced one "Oh too young" ballad with a Christian worship song I wrote in 2015.

You may think it's funny to "re-write" our past history. You can't do things like this if you are a famous band. But we are a small indie band and we have always been working with "limitation". So sometimes we may well benefit from "grace of time", I guess, to make things better.

In anyway, this is one of our older albums and all songs are sung in Japanese language. But I want to let you know, this album "Prototypes" is now on iTunes/Spotify and other digital stores, too.
So check it our, if you please;)

Just to update, now we are 1) Making artwork for the new album "Jesus Wind" and 2) Rehearsing fiercely for the next project(s).

God bless you all!
See you soon!
Tak / Imari Tones



私、Tak Nakamineは、このバンドが公式にバンドの形になる前から、音楽を作り続けてきました。つまり、一人で音楽を録音していました。









近況を報告すると、私たちは今、1)新しいアルバム"Jesus Wind"のジャケットのアートワークを作っています。2)次のプロジェクトのためにいっしょうけんめいリハーサルをしています。

Tak / Imari Tones

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New song! "Repent" music video

We are finally here!
This is a first upload from our concept album "Jesus Wind", to be released in 2017.
Titled "Repent", this is a very straightforward Christian heavy metal song. Obviously some of the words are taken from the book of Revelation.
Video shooting was done at a Japanese traditional "Noh" theater in Yokohama.
Feel the vibe. This is where Christianity and Japanese Traditional Art collide, as well as Heavy Metal music and Faith.

日本のクリスチャンヘヴィメタルバンド、Imari Tones (伊万里音色)が放つ、決定版とも言うべき直球のヘヴィメタルチューン。その名も"Repent" (悔い改めよ)
これは我々が今年2017年にリリース予定のコンセプトアルバム"Jesus Wind"からの最初のアップロードとなります。

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Calling Records streaming live acoustic

Last Sunday, Tak played acoustic set on Calling Records' live streaming.
He also talked about the history of the band, the reason he was playing music, and the latest project the band is working on. (in Japanese language)

He played 4 songs. All of them are "unreleased" new songs.
Some of the songs have "Japanese traditional" vibe.
Check it out!

Calling Recordsの企画でライブストリーミングに出演しました。

Thursday, March 9, 2017

We're very proud of "Soul of Faith", our good friends and one of the few Christian Rock bands in Japan. They will play this "Sexual Minority Festival" in Shinjuku. It's great because they are reaching out the LGBT community and also showing love and diversity to the world. Only in Japan? Probably. I suppose Christian bands in USA/Europe don't play this kind of events often. (Tell me if I'm wrong.) 

僕たちの志を同じくする良き仲間である「ソルフェイ」(Soul of Faith)が、318日に新宿にてセクシャルマイノリティ(LGBT)のイベントに出演します。ご存知かもしれませんが欧米のクリスチャンの世界の価値観は一般的にLGBTには厳しいというのが現状です。おそらく欧米のクリスチャンバンドの多くはこうしたイベントにはあまり参加しないでしょう(Switchfootなら、あるいは?)。ソルフェイは今のラインナップになってから非常にバンドとしてチームワークや結束が素晴らしく、日本発のクリスチャンロックとして大いに期待しています。そんなソルフェイがLGBTコミュニティに向けてイエスキリストの愛を届けるというのは、まさに世界のロックと信仰の最先端と言える出来事だと思います。注目しています。

と、それと同時に、僕たちImari Tonesのライヴも319日に新橋ZZにてありますのでお忘れなく() カルチャー的なぶつかりあいという意味では(奇しくも話題になった遠藤周作「沈黙」の言うところの文化の「沼」という意味で)日本のクリスチャンロックは確かに世界の最先端です。ぜひ、その火花散る信仰と葛藤が最前線で鳴り響く様を目撃して下さい。



Tone / In Christ

Sunday, February 26, 2017

HipHop song featuring Yona Ishikawa

Here is totally unexpected New Single alert!!
The song is called "Revive The Nation: featuring Yona Ishikawa".
It is a Christian HipHop song.
Yes, you heard it right. HipHop.

Originally Tak wrote this song back in 2013. It was supposed to be the title track for the album that eventually came to be called "Revive The World", released in 2015. We asked some American rappers to rap on it but it didn't work. The song was removed from the album and as a result the album was titled "Revive The World" instead of "Revive The Nation".

Fast forward to December 2016, after some conversations with his friends at Calling Records, Tak decided to rap for himself. It was his first time trying to rap, but he managed to do it.
Also the song needed some female vocals on bridge part. So we asked Yona Ishikawa, our good friend and Christian blues singer from Yokohama. She did a stunning performance and now we have "Japanese Christian HipHop" song.

It's all sung in Japanese language (Yes Tak can sing in English but rapping is totally another story...) but we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks and God bless!!

石川ヨナさんとは、クリスチャンロック専門レーベルCalling Recordsで活動を共にする仲間として、昨年から何度か共演の機会をいただいています。
で、「日本初クリスチャンヘヴィメタルバンド」を名乗る僕らImari Tones (伊万里音色)と、「横浜が誇る(間もなく神戸に移住予定だそうですが)実力派ブルースシンガー石川ヨナ」とのコラボ楽曲ですが、これがまさかのヒップホップになりました。

数年前にこのトラックというのか楽曲がたまたま出来て、サウンド的には「Led Zeppelinがヒップホップをやったらどうなるか」というようなテーマでやってみたんですが、よくあるミクスチャーとはまた違った方向性でロックとヒップホップの融合を提示できた気がします。

で、このトラックに乗せてラップしてくれるラッパーをずっと探していたんですが、2、3人のアメリカ人クリスチャンラッパーに声をかけてみるも、なかなか上手くいかず、日本人のラッパーにも友達が居らず、そのまま数年間、お蔵入りになっていたものです。しかし、Calling Recordsの仲間たちに相談してみたり、色々考えているうちに、「もう自分でラップしちゃえ」と思い立ち、そしてラップのパートだけでなく、メロディのパートが必要でしたので、女性ヴォーカルが欲しい、となった時に、石川ヨナさんしか居ない!と思って、コラボレーションが始まりました。


僕のリリックが結構攻撃的になってしまったのに対して、ヨナさんのメロディパートは、「あの声に聞け シェマ・イスラエル」と、神に救いがあることを指し示し、愛、平和、寛容のメッセージを発するものになり、その対比が、楽曲のメッセージに重層的な立体感を持たせることに成功しているんじゃないかと思います。
そして、そんな対称的なメッセージとパフォーマンスを展開するヨナさんと私なんですが、最後のパートで十字架を示すと共に「This is our faith」とユニゾンで一致する、という演出になっています。

ヨナさんの歌はさすがのクオリティで、レコーディングでもほとんど一発で決まりでした。そしてヨナさんの歌唱が素晴らしいのはもちろんですが、私も負けじとギターソロで見せ場を作っています。ラップはぶっちゃけ、初挑戦でどうしていいかわからないうちにレコーディングが終わってしまったんですが(笑)、聞いてみると、思ったよりも自然にやれたかな、と自分では思っています。ただ、ビデオを撮影した時に、アテ振りをどうしたらいいか全然わからなくて、歌詞と動きが全然合ってませんね(笑) それっぽい動きをいろいろやってみたんですが、しょせん僕はヘヴィメタルとか、いってもグラムロック止まりで、ラッパーのような動きは無理みたいです。しかし、そんな僕の不自然なアクションに笑っていただければ幸いです。その分ヨナさんは全編、ばっちりとかっこよく決まってますね。

そんなわけで、ある意味クリスチャンヒップホップの枠すらも越えて、コラボレーションという名のバトルを繰り広げてしまった感じの我がImari Tonesと石川ヨナさんなんですが、Calling Recordsの誇るこの2組のアーティストの実力を遺憾なく発揮する、レベルの高いものに仕上げることが出来たことは確信しています。

映像の撮影は2月18日の横浜関内で行われたライヴイベントのリハーサルの合間を利用して行いましたが、石川ヨナさんはもちろん、協力していただいたCalling Recordsの仲間たち、当日のライヴ会場だった関内Jazz Cafe GIGさん、そしてこの日のイベントに来ていただいたすべての皆さんに感謝します!

God bless you ALL!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guitar Instrumentals and "Invisible Rain" dedicated to Fukushima

Hello this is Tak from Imari Tones.
If you notice, we have posted some instrumental songs on our YouTube channel. Well, 3 songs, to be exact.

Recently I wrote total 6 short instrumental songs for my friends at Calling Records ( They are now doing some "live streaming project" and they asked me to write some "BGM" for them.

So I wrote those "guitar instrumentals" and some of my friends suggested me to post them on YouTube. So I posted 3 of them.
Thing is, I was too lazy to make "proper" videos. You know, I'm not a "YouTuber" or anything. I'm just a "band guy" from an indie band. So these videos are very cheap, easy made.

But I still think it's worth sharing. So here are those videos.
Hope you enjoy.

Also today I just posted a song called "Invisible Rain" on YouTube.
It's a song on our album titled "Revive The World". We wrote the song in 2012 and recorded in 2014.
It's a song about Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant meltdown incident in March 2011 after the big earthquake and tsunami.
It's not a happy song and we have never played it live.
But as a Japanese musician, we felt we had to sing about what happened.

What's happening in Fukushima Daiichi, is a harsh reality and we don't want to talk about it much. It's a reality all the people in Japan have to face. We had to make a choice one way or another in our life.

By now, both as a band and as a person, we have visited Fukushima more than a couple of times and we have some good friends there. It's still a nice place to visit. We pray God's blessing on all the people living there.

That's it for today.
We are itching to release some of "new songs" from our very powerful concept album "Jesus Wind" soon but we are doing things one by one. So, I guess probably next month we can release something.

God bless you ALL!!
In Jesus' name.
Tak / Imari Tones

Sunday, January 22, 2017

"fireworks" on Spotify and iTunes.

If you know it, we have a long history of making music independently.
Back in 2005, our little band was on a temporary hiatus gigging wise but it was actually a very productive year recording wise.

We just uploaded one of the albums recorded in 2005 to Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets. The album is called "fireworks".

All songs were sung in Japanese language.
Surely it was an album we made BEFORE we became a Christian band. But we believe it is still full of "inspirations", as the leading song "Sirase Kitaru" was actually a song about prophecy and salvation coming true.

This year we are planning to upload more of these "past" albums. Probably we will re-mix some songs, or even some additional song. (Surely we can change our "past".)

So stay tuned. Check us out on Spotify and give it a listen!

もしご存知であれば、私たちImari Tonesは、長くインディペンデントに音楽を作り続けてきた歴史があります。