Sunday, March 25, 2018

and it was a blessed concert

We have played another important gig at Shinbashi ZZ, Tokyo, on March 21.
I think we did our best and we can't say how much blessing it was to us.
(It was a concert to celebrate the graduation for free school students.)

Just to share the happiness and excitement we post some photos!!
(Sorry for the quality of the photos, because these were cut from a movie.)

Thank you very much!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

We finished recording "Overture" album

So yes, here we are.
We have already finished recording our new "Overture" album, even though it's less than a half year since the release of our best ever metal album "Jesus Wind".
(It's because we actually have finished recording "Jesus Wind" in 2016 Summer and we've been working on "Overture" since then.)

Probably we will put out 1 more video from "Jesus Wind" album, and we will start promoting "Overture" album soon. You might think it's so fast, but we got to move on to pursuit our ultimate sound.

We are not sure how you will react to "Overture" album, because it's a Japanese album with Japanese lyrics and it sounds very different from our past works.
So we want to make sure we will communicate so that you can understand the music, as well as what is going on within our band.

We are going into a new phase. Some announcement is to be made and we will make some new moves. We are waiting for the right time. We want you to know that we will never stop chasing our mission. The spiritual and musical mission God has given to us. We take it very seriously and we are ready for the big things. (Taking a deep breath.)

Meanwhile, here is some pics from overture recording session.
As you see, we recorded it in a very simple way, in the local rehearsal room we've been using for years now.

(A photo of Jake drumming, 2 guitars and 2 pedals I used on the album, and a recent rehearsal room photo.) 
(No photo of Hassy recording bass because we did it in my very dirty small apartment room. Also could not include a movie of Jake drumming in this post. Maybe some other time, unless you don't want to hear Jake's drums pounding from your phone.)

Peace and Blessing to You,

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Skateboard Ollie Impossible at a Heavy Metal concert

Some of you may already know Tak loves skateboarding.
He fell in love with skateboarding when Imari Tones toured in the United States in 2012. We played some skatepark shows and that was when Tak decided he would start skateboarding even though he was not too young (not too old though).

Since then, Imari Tones has written and played some skateboard related songs, most notably "Born To Ride" on "Revive The World" album.

Also some of you may have seen the "Beginner Skateboarding Movie" Tak posted on YouTube some years ago.

Even though Tak still keeps skating, his life situation and surroundings does not allow him to make another dedicated skateboarding video.

However, this is something a bit unusual and we want to post it here, just to show you he is still skateboarding.

We played some small but important concert at El Puente, Yokohama (Nishi Yokohama), on 10th February 2018.

Before playing the last song of the night, Tak held his skateboard, with the "Jesus Loves You" sign on it, and did a skateboarding trick in front of the audience. The trick he did was called "Ollie Impossible" (or simply "Impossible").

This trick "Impossible" is one of his favorite skateboarding tricks.
After successfully landing the trick at the 1st try, Tak says "Nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ", quoting Philippians 4:13.

Not many rock bands do "Impossible" at their concerts, but Imari Tones does!!